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A specially designed, easy-access shower is a stylish and practical answer to bathing difficulty. All our showers feature very low threshold trays to make getting in or out as simple and worry-free as possible.

An easy-access shower is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of many of our customers. Many of our showers feature no-door, easy-entry access and some are specially designed for wheelchair access. An easy-access shower provides a clean, safe and easy to look after solution that will delight everyone who uses it.

Most of our showers offer the option of a comfortable and stylish fold-away seat, so a shower can be enjoyed standing up or, if preferred, sitting down in comfort

A specially designed, easy-access shower is a stylish and practical answer to bathing difficulty. Modifying a bathroom for someone with mobility issues is our speciality and has a number of key benefits:

  • Most importantly it aids independent living. To be able to care for one’s own personal needs without assistance instils a sense of pride and keeps your independence.
  • It helps maintains strength. Lifting up on support bars or pulling one’s own body weight from the seated position helps keep muscles active.
  • It helps home caregivers. Adults helping those with disabilities rely on grab rails to keep both their charges and themselves stable.
  • It creates a safe place. For both adults and children alike grab rails, and no-slip safety surfaces help the entire family stay safe in the bathroom.

If bath time is becoming difficult or uncomfortable, an easy-access shower or a walk-in bath could be just what you need. And by understanding your specific needs and circumstances, including the requirements of any other members of the family, we can help you find the right bathing solution.

Independent bathing systems is here to help, guide and advise you, and we realise just how important it is for you to make the right decision. We will never send you a high-pressure salesman nor will we ever put you under any pressure to buy from us.

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